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Quarantine During COVID 19

“Quarantine” A word that has taken the world by storm as the worst pandemic in a long time by the name COVID-19 or commonly called the Corona Virus has threatened all of humanity in recent days. The beginning of another decade could not get any worse than what we are going through right now. Along with this comes lives lost, cancelled plans, hopes lost and the main thing is the downfall of the economy throughout the world. A lot of people have lost a way to earn their daily bread and feed their families due to the virus. Amidst all this chaos work from home is a very good initiative taken by the organizations throughout the world. Webrammer has also been following the work from home rule so that our employees do not have to face an economic crisis along with the trouble the Corona virus has been giving everyone already. Here we will discuss how Webrammer has been operating in a time like this and things that you could also follow to keep being productive during this quarantine time.

Give Responsibility

Every organization has a set of people who are the leaders in the gang and will make sure things go according to plans. So like you divide tasks in the office you can divide different tasks to your trusted employees. Try no to make the tasks too difficult to handle too. Working from home can be productive but it will never be like working in your work station as the employees will certainly have a comfortable environment which will slow down their working pace no matter what. So you must try to prioritize the most urgent work and have them that first. At Webrammer, all of our web designers and developers along with our SEO dept and Customer support have been given particular responsibilities to follow and they have been putting considerable effort on their given tasks, even though they have been working from home.

How to monitor the work?

There are various ways to monitor the work of your employees. Since you cannot go around installing CCTV cameras in every employee’s house, the most common, free and widely used method would be to have them work in google docs or sheets. You can track their work live as they work on their assigned tasks. You can also have your employees download the fee team viewer app so that you can log into their computer if you want to check their work. At Webrammer Inc. we are using a software by the name Teramind Agent that gives your live screen shots of what your employee is working on or you can even go into the employees computer screen and check what they are up to. It also lets you monitor the time your employee logged in and what time he/she logged out. In this way you can assign them some tasks and give them a deadline to complete it so that you get the work done on time along as they know that they are being monitored as they work.

Stay Connected

By now almost every house has the internet and there is no way you cannot stay online when you are going through a lock down phase unless you are sleeping beauty and can sleep for 18-20 hours a day. Once a day you can conduct a casual meeting with your employees through all the numerous apps you can find these days like Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp and the list goes on. So it can be very effective that you conduct a daily meeting with your employees first to ask how they are doing and then discuss what are the things that are important and need to be completed on that day. This method can also be really effective to see if your employees are on time or not if you do a video conference when the shift starts and when it ends.

If you are an employee working from home then here are a few things you can follow to keep up your productiveness.

Be Thankful

The first thing you can be is thankful. Thankful that you are still working, thankful that you have a home, thankful that you are still amongst the non-infected ones. There could be a million reasons to be thankful and you should consider all of them because positivity is what you need right now rather than going into panic mode and keeping yourself locked up from the rest of the world. Even though we need to follow social distancing this crisis we are facing cannot be overcomed alone, so we need to be in this together. Lastly, don’t forget to ‘live’.


Open Up

Unlike most people there may also be people who feel that working from home is a burden. If you are one of them and feel like you should not be working at a time like this then open up to your boss. It’s better to not completely work and do the things that you give more priority to right now rather than working half heartedly and being a dead leaf in the company’s progress. Most importantly if you feel like you have any of the symptoms then opening up about it is the first thing you must do as you might be taking down a lot of other people including your family with you if you decide to keep it hidden.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Just because it is quarantine time does not mean that you should stay in your bed all day binging your favourite tv-shows or series eating whatever comes in front of you with the least amount of physical activities. It has been found that the people with weaker immune systems are more prone to the virus then the one with a strong immune system. Now that may not be much but right now we should do everything from our end to avoid the deadly virus. So giving about 20-30 minutes a day for a quick workout session should not be much of a deal. If you physically fit it will also improve your immune system and that followed by a healthy diet will make you unstoppable. Exercising also improves your mood and you will be able to see an improved working capacity in yourself. So you see there is nothing to lose. Now get up and get that body moving.